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Eye and Vision Exams at Our Knightdale Optometry ClinicKnightdale eye exam

Your eyes have to last a lifetime if you want to keep enjoying the sights of the people and world around you. The smartest and easiest way to make sure they do is by scheduling regular eye and vision exams. These examinations not only reveal correctable vision problems such as refractive errors; they can also uncover the presence of diseases and disorders that might threaten your future eyesight. That's why our Knightdale optometry clinic, Knightdale Eyecare, provides comprehensive eye and vision exams for the whole family.

The Need for Regular Eye Exams in Knightdale

If your vision checked out okay in a few cursory tests during your school years, you may wonder why it's so important to keep scheduling eye exams in Knightdale. The fact is that your eyes change over the years, and those changes are often for the worse. Changes in the ways your eyes refract light may require adjustments to your corrective lens prescription, for instance, or changes in your underlying health may cause dry eye. Leading causes of blindness such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts typically develop over time -- often so gradually that substantial changes have occurred before you're aware of vision loss. Since these changes are permanent and irreversible, you need to know about them as soon as possible so they can be controlled early in their development.

How Our Knightdale Optometrist Checks Your Eyes

Our Knightdale optometrist, Dr. Poirier, may recommend biannual, annual or even more frequent eye exams depending on your age, current eye condition and overall health. We use a variety of simple, painless eye function tests to check how well your eyes are teaming and tracking, focusing and processing visual information. This helps us understand whether you might be in need of visual therapy or other treatment. A comprehensive eye exam also includes a thorough eye health evaluation, including:

  • Dilating the pupils to get a good look inside the eye, which helps us detect retinal or optic nerve diseases
  • Using a pressure-measuring technique called tonometry to see whether you're at risk for glaucoma
  • Viewing the corneas, lenses and other eye structures with an illuminated instrument called a slit lamp 

Vision testing is another critical part of our eye exams in Knightdale. The different sizes of text of the eye chart represent different distance ranges. If the text appears fuzzy on particular lines, you may have a refractive error such as farsightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism or presbyopia. As you keep reading the chart through a viewing device called a phoropter, we will administer different corrective combinations until we find your ideal corrective lens prescription.

Call Our Optometrist in Knightdale for an Exam

Give your eyes a lifetime of care, and they will reward you with a lifetime of clear vision. Start today by calling 919-266-2048 and scheduling a comprehensive eye and vision exam from our optometrist in Knightdale!

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