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Dry Eye Treatment From Our Optometrist in KnightdaleDry Eye

If your eyes feel gritty, tired and irritated more often than not, you may be one of the many individuals plagued with a troublesome condition called dry eye. Don't let the mundane-sounding name fool you; dry eye can interfere with your vision, impair your quality of life and even, if untreated, damage your eyes. But Knightdale Eyecare can help. Our optometrist in Knightdale, Dr. Poirier, can get the bottom of your dry eye problem and prescribe the right answers to help your eyes feel and function as they should.

The How and Why of Dry Eye

The eyes are sensitive organs that require both hydration and protection against outside threats. The tear glands address this need by maintaining a constant tear film on the front of the eye. This film, which is refreshed every time you blink, is more than just water -- it's a three-layered barrier consisting of mucous, water and an outer covering of oil to prevent evaporation. Any imbalances or deficiencies in the tear film can result in dry eye, whether you're failing to produce one particular component or you're simply not making enough tears. Causes of dry eye may include:

  • Age
  • Immune system disorders such as Sjogren's syndrome
  • Eyelid dysfunction
  • Clogged meibomian glands (resulting in insufficient oil production)
  • Medications that have a drying effect
  • Constant exposure to moving air (ceiling fans, etc.)
  • Long, uninterrupted periods of computer use, causing the eyes to blink less frequently

Whatever the underlying reasons for your dry eye, you don't want to let it go untreated. Chronic dryness can cause redness, itching, irritation, blurred vision, a feeling that there's something in your eye (foreign body sensation), extreme sensitivity to light and thick collections of mucous in or around the eyes. Ironically enough, you may also suffer from watery eyes as your tear ducts fight to maintain hydration. Even worse, your unprotected eyes may be especially prone to dust, infections and other health threats, to the point that the corneas may actually ulcerate and become scarred.

Our Knightdale Optometry Center Can Solve Your Dry Eye Puzzle

Bring your dry eyes to our Knightdale optometry center. Our Knightdale optometrist will ask you about your medical/medication history, your work habits and your everyday environment to determine what's causing the problem. We can also analyze your tear production and tear film consistency. From there, we can recommend options such as artificial tears or prescription eye drops, changes in your medical treatment regimen, lifestyle and workplace alterations and/or more frequent breaks from computer use. Our Knightdale optometrist may also recommend treatment to un-blocking the meibomian glands, thus correcting the ratio of oil to other ingredients in the tear film.

Suffering from Dry Eye in Knightdale?

You don't have to let a case of dry eye in Knightdale dry up your prospects for ocular well being. Call 919-266-2048 to schedule dry eye evaluation and treatment with our Knightdale optometrist!

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