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Posted on 01-13-2017

Tips to Keep Your Eyes Healthy During Winter

female looking out into the distance because it is winter and she is looking for some tips to keep her eyes healthy from Knightdale eyecare

Our Knightdale Optometrist Wants You To Know How Winter Can Affect Your Eye Health

Knightdale optometrist Dr. Timothy Poirier, along with his team at his Knightdale optometry clinic, believes that optimal vision and eye health happens when there's a good balance between prevention, treatment (if necessary) and patient education. Among our many advanced and innovative eye care services, our team is dedicated to helping people understand ways to improve and protect their eye health, especially during the winter months. 

How Does Winter Weather Affect My Eyes?

Winter is here! Did you know that your eyes can be affected by cold weather? That's right--it's not just your car, your home, and your body you need to winterize--you need to winterize your eyes, too!

Common eye health issues caused by cold, windy, wintry weather include:

  • Dry eyes
  • Excessive tear production (often as a compensation to the drying effect of cold air or forced heat)
  • Red, itchy, and/or swollen eyes (from constricted blood vessels and/or cooled corneas and sclera)
  • Blurry vision (especially when outside in cold air for a long time)

Top Tips From Our Optometrist In Knightdale On Keeping Your Eyes Healthy During The Winter Season 

Whether you have a known vision problem or not, it's easy to overlook how cold winter weather can affect your eye health. Our optometrist in Knightdale offers a few helpful tips to keep your eyes in top shape throughout the winter season:

  • Protect your eyes while outdoors with sunglasses and/or goggles. Not only does cold air and wind chill affect the external surface of your eyes, but sunlight reflecting off snow (on the street, the backyard, or the slopes) can be extremely bright and potentially damaging to your vision. 
  • Consider buying a humidifier for your bedroom (and your kids' bedrooms!). Humidifiers prevent the air inside your home from drying excessively, and can reduce your risk of dry eyes (not to mention the many other health benefits!). 
  • Schedule a comprehensive eye exam. Our Knightdale optometry team recommends that people receive a comprehensive eye exam at least once a year. Fortunately, you still have time to have your eyes checked in 2016 with our optometrist in Knightdale! Regular eye exams are the best way to maintain optimal eye health and detect

Is Your Vision & Eye Health In Good Shape For The Winter? Ask Our Knightdale Optometrist For Help

Led by Knightdale optometrist, Dr. Timothy Poirier, our team at Knightdale Eyecare is here to help you with all your eye and vision health needs this season. To schedule an initial consultation or to learn more about our Knightdale optometry services, call our friendly staff today at 919-266-2048.

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