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Posted on 01-13-2017

A Reminder From Your Knightdale Optometrist About the Importance of Regular Eye Exams

woman looking into an eyecare machine for her important regular eye exam at Knighdale eyecare

Have you ever experienced this mildly amusing situation? You walk around your home trying to find your missing pair of glasses, only to discover upon looking in a mirror that you’ve been wearing them the entire time! This is an example of going on autopilot when it comes to your vision. Another example is that you become so accustomed to your glasses that you forget to make your annual appointment for an examination with your Knightdale optometrist.

Why Patients Need to Get Eye Exams in Knightdale Every Year

Your optometrist in Knightdale knows from experience that eye exams are crucial not just for maintaining ocular health, but to protect your entire body from ailments. Our team conducts eye exams in Knightdale to ensure that each patient has the proper prescription for contact lenses, eyeglasses or sunglasses. 

If you’re not getting your vision tested, you run the risk of seeing less clearly because your prescription has changed.

In addition to determining if your vision has diminished and you need new lenses, your Knightdale optometry professional can detect a number of diseases, often before your regular family doctor happens to notice.

For example, people who suffer from thyroid disease will often have bulging eyes, and your eye doctor will spot this right away. If inflammation is seen in the eyes, this can indicate an autoimmune disorder. 

Individuals who have diabetes may not discover they have it until a lab test. But an optometrist can glimpse signs of diabetic retinopathy based on fluid seen leaking from blood vessels in the eye. 

As you can see (pun intended), coming in for regular eye exams is important not just for keeping your corrective lens prescription updated, but also for catching a number of diseases in their earliest phase.

Schedule an Eye Examination With Your Optometrist in Knightdale Today!

Everyone should get an eye exam at least once a year (your optometrist will consult with you about how often you should get checked). If it’s been more than 12 months since you last came in, you should delay no further. For more information on the importance of regular eye exams or to schedule your next appointment, please contact the professionals at Knightdale Eyecare today.

Can you remember the last time you had your eyes examined at our Knightdale optometry center? Let us know in the comment section so other patients can compare notes.

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